is this THING on? is a live streaming network for artists. It begins as a centralized network on corporate clouds. It will then be slowly decentralized, across 3 seasons, guided by public discussion and performance. Will our network resolve to a web 1.0 inspired web-ring, a blockchain streaming platform, or something else entirely?


UPCOMING: Co-design alternative futures for live streaming with us, at our workshop on Oct 22, 2022 at Gray Area in San Francisco. Sign up.

JOIN US: If you’re an artist or developer interested in performing, giving feedback, or helping develop the platform, reach out.

THING is a cooperative project by Molly Soda, Christopher Clary, soft networks, Semi Anonymous Friend and you?. It is supported by the Next Web Grant and c/change. If you'd like to learn even more, read an overview here. Thanks for stopping by and see you soon!